Dear Diary,

Today is Tuesday, so today we worship Ares!

I honor and welcome Ares, one with exceeding strength! O’ chariot-rider, Savior of Cities, doughty in heart! Lord of social order! Mighty and courageous! Stern governor of the rebellious! King of manliness, Defense of Olympos! Whirl your fiery sphere among the planets, leader of righteous people! 

[source: Homeric Hymn – 8 Ares]

Dear Diary,

I almost woke up this morning earlier than I planned because in my dream, I was late for class because it was Monday. I have class on Tuesdays. Welcome to my life. 😦

Dear Diary,

Today is Tuesday, so today we honor Athene:

Dearest weapon-brandishing maiden, protector of cities, the watcher over olive trees! O’ Goddess of Nearness! When you hold up your aegis, your enemies shake with fear! Goddess of all Handicrafts, Morality, and Reason! Goddess of Science, Rationality, and invention! O’ Queen, I honor you, this day! I welcome your wisdom and strategic planning! 

Dear Diary,

OMGs! I made mistakes. I thought I got 21 little canvases for the Gods, but I only have 20! I am missing one! Aaaaaand I haven’t painted canvases for Athene, Ares, and Herakles yet (because I have class on Tuesdays)! So I only got 21 canvases not enough for Hestia and Agathos Daimon/Agatha Tyche.


Please forgive me Gods!

I should be able to do portraits for Athene and Ares, but I will be missing one for Herakles. I just feel real shitty now.