Dear Diary,

Today is Sunday so today we honor and welcome Hekate!

Dearest Hekate, one who has given me my life, given me so much, Titan and Goddess so far away. Goddess of magic, fate, crossroads, and light! I honor and welcome Hekate! The son of Kronos loves you. When the moon grows dark, you lead the souls to their final resting place! I love you dearest goddess, you have given me so much. You gave me my life! You gave me me a choice! Thank you great goddess for everything you have given me and everything that will give to me! 

Dear Diary,

Today is Sunday where I honor and welcome Apollon!

I honor and welcome Apollon,
I sing of the Spirit of Song, I welcome the One who brings health
and disease, Far-Shooting One who brings and takes away!
All-light glimmers from you, shining forever! Little Zeus, who sees the Aether all!
Great son of Leto! God of prophecy, divination, and bringer of the sight!
God of purification and pollution! God of Afar yet the God of oracles! I honor and welcome you today!

Dear Diary,

I am taking a night off from everything including school and religion. I am giving Hekate and the souls a cooked egg tonight (along with the other foods I gave them yesterday). I was very busy today – more busy than I’ve ever been on Sundays, which has made this day exhausting! I figured that I should celebrate Noumenia tomorrow and continue with Hekate’s Deipnon tonight since it is still the new moon tonight!

Dear Diary,

Today, in my religion, is Elaphebolia. Yesterday was Maple Syrup Sunday. We will honor and welcome Artemis, Apollon twin sister, of the hunt, archery, and independence today!

Dear Diary,

Today is Maple Syrup Sunday and I like to perform a ritual, but I haven’t gotten enough time on it. I think for me, I’d like to combine Spring Equinox and Maple Syrup Sunday together as one ritual because they are so close together on the calendar and one influences the other, but it is not done yet. I will, however, publish it and perform what I have, but I’d like to work on it more next year.

Essay: In Loving Memory

This is the third essay here on DD.

I was going to write a simple diary post about this, but I think there is so much ground to cover that I should at least make it into an essay.

After the house fire in 2008, I found Leo. Mama Kitty had him at the scoff of his neck. I assume she was moving him somewhere. With the kind gaze of Mama Kitty, I picked him up. I noticed that he didn’t have a tail.

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