Essay: On Feeling Uncomfortable in Pagan Spaces

This is the fourth essay here on DD.

Disclaimer: This post is about my feelings towards New Age beliefs not to individual pagans. I fully respect another person’s belief system. To each of their own.

On Discord Server, we talked about feeling uncomfortable in Christian spaces, but I think, for me, I feel more uncomfortable in Pagan spaces.

Let me explain.

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Essay: In Loving Memory

This is the third essay here on DD.

I was going to write a simple diary post about this, but I think there is so much ground to cover that I should at least make it into an essay.

After the house fire in 2008, I found Leo. Mama Kitty had him at the scoff of his neck. I assume she was moving him somewhere. With the kind gaze of Mama Kitty, I picked him up. I noticed that he didn’t have a tail.

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Essay: Why I am a Vegetarian

This is the second essay here on DD.

The moment I became a vegetarian was the moment I realized how gross meat was. I was in the middle of eating a chicken drum when I realized what I was eating. I quickly swore off chicken, beef, pork and any other meats in that moment.

I was a junior in high school. It’s been over ten years since I’ve stopped eating meat.

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