Hi. I’m Aurelia. I grew up pagan. My parents were Christian, but my sister and I studied and practiced together. For 16 years, I was a modern pagan witch (or Wiccan-influenced witch). On Summer Solstice 2017, I found Hellenic polytheism (Dodekatheism). I decided I didn’t need witchcraft anymore.

I want to write again. This diary is my way to write about my life as I navigate Dodekatheism. This is my online diary to the Gods as I create a path of worship.

I also write essays on my thoughts on the Greek polytheistic religion, our community and my religious path, some of my rituals, and reflections on my path or any feelings or thoughts I had recently.

When I was twelve years old, I wanted to become a priest. I loved the idea of guiding people and taking care of a holy place for followers to rest. Now, seventeen years later, I fell in love with the Greek Gods and have chosen to worship Them. I’ve created a sacred space at home for household worship.

I worship twenty-two Gods, but Hermes, Hera, Hekate, and Hestia have made themselves known to me and thus, are important in my worship.

Disclaimer: Keep in mind that I do not speak for all pagans or (even) all Dodekatheists, Hellenic polytheists, or Hellenists.* I can only speak for myself and what I believe and practice in my religion.

Disclaimer, part 2: You are welcomed to follow me, but I publish about five or six entries a day. If you don’t want your follower feed to get flooded, just visit the blog.

P.S. This blog was previously known as “Libra and Lavender.” I am sorry for any inconvenience or confusion, but I needed to change it into a blog about my religion!

*I’ve added other labels of our religion because to some people of our religion consider some of the labels to have different definitions.

Your thoughts?

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