Dear Diary,

It’s mental illness awareness month.

I am personally trying to be more open and honest about my mental health than before. One of my “friends” warned me that I shouldn’t write about the “depression stuff” on my blog because employers will not want to hire me.

First of all, I have anxiety, stress, and obsessive thoughts. I don’t suffer from chronic depression.

And second of all, why do they care?

I have generalized anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, and some obsessive compulsive tendencies.

Dear “friend,” you say I am broken? Well, fuck you. Every day is a struggle, but every day, I achieve my goals in the face of anxiety, the biggest obstacle I must overcome.

I am not broken. My mental illnesses are not me. I am much stronger than my fears.

I’ve been through a house fire. I’ve been through two abusive boyfriends. And I’ve been through child abuse. Fuck you I won’t talk about my mental illnesses.

I’ve accomplished so much in the face of opposition i.e. anxiety and chronic stress. I am in school getting straight As. I am married to a wonderful person and we have a house together.

I am so sick of the mental illness stigma.

Your thoughts?

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