Dear Diary,


Yesterday, I asked the Gods what I needed to know.

The first card is reversed Queen of Cups. The second card is Judgement. The third card is Ten of Wands.

My first impression with this layout is that there is a big journey ahead. Someone who supports relationships is gone or not available anymore. There is a call to responsibility and to heed the call is to take up the burdens of that responsibility and do what must be done.

I really want to become a priestess someday. I think in the beginning of the spirituality I was too young for any of that, but now, I feel I am almost ready.

In a different perspective, the reversed queen may show that I will be getting into shadow work where I will explore subconscious feelings and thoughts (I don’t know much about shadow work so correct me if I’m wrong).

Judgement refers to a call. A call to what? It must be about doing what I’ve wanted to do when I entered school. Or what I want to do now. Or both. This card is about rising up from a deep sleep and embracing destiny.

The final card is about the journey. While carrying the memories of the past, move on. Recall what you’ve learned and use that to your advantage, but let go of what you don’t need. Let inspiration and truth light your way.