Dear Diary,

Today, the Gods tell me….


The first three cards at the top are past, present, and future. At the bottom, are from left to right, are what I should do, and what I should not do. The past, is a reversed Nine of Wands. Present is Eight of Pentacles. And, future, The Chariot. What I should do: reversed King of Cups and what I should not do: Five of Cups.

In the past, I wasn’t very good at preparing myself for the future. Yet, there was no crisis to prepare for. Or there was, I wasn’t prepared for it. Id on’t know what the “crisis” is exactly yet. I hope it’s not as big as the card makes it seem. The card is reversed so I am assuming that there isn’t any crisis or that I am ill-prepared!

Eight of Pentacles always means work to me – very precise work. The card shows that I take pride in my work whether it is spiritual or mundane work. That’s true! I get this card a lot.  I want to say that it means something especially when I love doing work. Hermes has urged me to pursue Qabbalah and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn type stuff. I think this summer I’d like to study up on it. I am still learning about Hellenism.

In the future, I have The Chariot. To me, this is a very positive card. I am graduating from college soon, but not as soon as six month into the future. I tend to see the future that Tarot cards show about six months later. Looking at this card and the card that shows the past, I believe that there was a crisis I wasn’t prepared for and that in the future, I will overcome the crisis. I am not sure what this crisis is exactly, unfortunately. This card is all about being in control at high speeds. The lady at the helm remains focused and steady on the track. The parasol doubles as a weapon and shelter from the elements. Once we get moving, there will be no stopping us!

Getting started is the hardest part, however. The Gods tell me that I shouldn’t dwell on the things I’ve lost, but think about all the things I have now. Do not become driven by emotion, but be steadfast in your goals. It is OK to be driven by the heart, but do not let it become the only reason because you will become obsessed about your losses. If that makes sense.