Reflection: To Come Out or Not to Come Out?

This is the second reflection here on DD.

Sometimes the topic of religion comes up in conversation and if I feel that the person would respect me enough, I tell them about my religion. I have yet to feel uncomfortable in a situation, but haven’t talked to many people about it either.

I’m come off as a scientific and logical person so it is always a surprise to friends or acquaintances that I’m religious or even remotely spiritual. Contrary to popular belief my religion is a huge part of who I am. I am not me without it. Yes, my religion have changed through the years, but to me, that is par for the course.

Last time I came out to someone, I got a very odd look. I felt a bit embarrassed, but I trudged on explaining my religion more. I always end up telling people it’s a very niche religion to prepare themselves.

I ask myself every time I tell someone about my religion whether it is a good choice or not. For the most part, my philosophy is that not many people know about Hellenic polytheism and that hiding my religion is way to keep the knowledge about the religion away from friends and family. Thus, effectively keeping me in the closet.

I’m sure if coming out is a good idea or not. You have to gauge what kind of person you are talking with. I tend to try to keep my religion and my job separate. At one point, when I did come out, I did, however, make a friend. When a told a woman in my class that I was a polytheist, she told me she was a pagan!

So sometimes it is worth it to come out!

2 thoughts on “Reflection: To Come Out or Not to Come Out?

  1. It’s wonderful when you have a positive experience talking to someone about religion. Even the little connections are beautiful. I remember someone in a shop wishing my a happy solstice last year and it made my heart sing 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I am trying to more open and honest about what is important to me. I think in the future, I will be more open about myself. Sometimes you meet your community in the darnedest of places!


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