Dear Diary,

Today, I felt the urge to do some divination. I ask the Gods to guide my thoughts, feelings, and actions today, and as I draw the cards that will show me what I need to know.

I got reversed Seven of Cups, Seven of Pentacles, and reversed Knight of Wands.

These cards represent past, present, and future. The first card indicates that I have made a decision. I faced several choices and almost impulsively made a decision.

The Seven of Pentacles shows me at the present moment. Hermes always gives me this card to tell me to WRITE. He wants me to write down my experiences, observations, feelings, thoughts, and feelings…Basically, everything.

Now, I think it’s more than that — it shows me presently, blogging away. Hermes tells me not to aim for perfection, but to take note of the changes in my household worship.

Except for today, during my devotional to Hekate, Apollon, and Helios, I haven’t felt that love in my heart when I do rituals. I felt that love today because I did something a bit different today. I added: Thank you Hekate for giving me a choice at the end of Hekate’s hymn. I also added: Thank you Apollon for your healing light. And I added: Thank you Helios for your warmth. 

I think that is what the reversed Knight of Wands shows me in my future. I should not rush through my devotionals. Lately during devotionals, my brain goes: But we need to get this done so we can do other stuff. OTHER STUFF! 

I need to remember that devotionals and rituals are a sacred time.