Dear Diary,

Hera, with a different name came to me at a young age — She shifted the winds and showed me the way,
Hekate telling me that I have a choice.
Don’t tell me that I am disillusioned
I feel love in my heart for the Gods.
Hermes protects as I travel, as I bike and drive.
Zeus forms the clouds so that I may see.
I feel Hades’ cool and calm presence every time I honor him,
Demeter joins me when I give offerings of food.
Hestia blesses me when I wrap up in a blanket when the lights go out.
Don’t tell me the Gods are not real.
I feel Aphrodite when I hug my husband.
I know what work feels like because of Hephaistos,
Athene helps me when I struggle through my studies.
I feel Ares when faced with adversarial obstacles.
Dionysos is there when I drink wine while I watch my favorite shows after a hard day’s work.
I see Poseidon when I visit the ocean.
Don’t laugh at me when I tell you about my Gods.
I see Persephone when spring flowers grow.
Apollon inspires me when I play my ukulele.
Artemis gives me independence when I am afraid to be alone.
I feel Pan when I walk in the woods.
I see Iris when rainbows grace the sky.
I feel Helios’ warmth when I walk outside.
I see Selene’s ever watchful light at midnight.
Don’t tell me that the Gods are dead because I see, feel, and experience Them every day.