Dear Diary,

A while ago, I pulled some cards out after a devotional (like I usually do) and I forgot to talk about them. So here they are: Reversed Fool, Reversed Queen of Wands, and Five of Cups.

This looks pretty bleak. 

The Fool to me is enjoying the journey. A person who is like the Magician, but isn’t has logical as him. Someone who has inspiration. Someone who doesn’t have a direction, but has somewhere to go. To me, a reversed Fool is the opposite of that. Lately, I have felt very anxious. I may have been wasting a lot of my time online.

The Queen of Wands is someone who supports fiery passion, inspiration, and determination, but I think this is telling me that recently, I haven’t been supporting that in my life.

The Five of Cups tells me that I am thinking about stuff that I don’t have and not looking at the things I do. I am actually not seeing that in my life now. Maybe I am just blind?