Essay: On Feeling Uncomfortable in Pagan Spaces

This is the fourth essay here on DD.

Disclaimer: This post is about my feelings towards New Age beliefs not to individual pagans. I fully respect another person’s belief system. To each of their own.

On Discord Server, we talked about feeling uncomfortable in Christian spaces, but I think, for me, I feel more uncomfortable in Pagan spaces.

Let me explain.

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Dear Diary,

Yep. I can’t sleep. What a surprise. I have lots to do planned today, but I think that I will do most of those things on a different day when I feel better.

Dear Diary,

Another beautiful day! I thank the Gods for my life, for this day! I thank the Gods for the food I eat, for the bed I sleep in, for the roof over my head. I thank the Gods for everything that they have given me and everything that they will give to me!

Dear Diary,

Today, in my religion, it is Asklepia!

My dates are a bit different from Hellenion because for me, the new moon fell on a different time and I honor Asklepios on Wednesdays.


Dear Diary,

I know I haven’t written all day, which is so unlike me, but since 6 AM, I’ve been nonstop working. I am so exhausted I feel dizzy. I wanted to post another essay on here, but I think that may have to publish it tomorrow.