Hello and Welcome to My Diary!

Blessed and fortunate is he/she who knows the sacred rites of the Gods to lead a pure life.

– Euripides

This diary is my way to write about my life as I navigate Dodekatheism (Hellenic polytheism).

I write essays and reflections on my thoughts on Dodekatheism, our community, and my religious path. I also post some of my rituals. If you need more information, check out my about page.

P.S. This blog was previously known as “Libra and Lavender.” I am sorry for any inconvenience or confusion, but I needed to change it into a blog about my religion!

Dear Diary,

I forgot to mention to my peeps that this blog used to be called “Libra and Lavender.” I changed it into a blog about my religious journey to act as a diary for myself. I am sorry I forgot to mention it! It was a while between using the blog and using Tumblr as a diary-blog.

Dear Diary,

I can always tell when I am stressed out when I wake up at 2 AM ready for anything and unable to get back to sleep.

Dear Diary,

I think things that happen spiritually happen for a reason. Last night, I totally forgot about Noumenia! But today, the moon is showing a little! So technically……Today is Noumenia! Yay!